• 2009 September 21   Brian Bacon supports the Noble efforts: The Chairman and Founder of the Oxford Leadership Academy speaks to us of the changes we are experiencing in our time including oil supply and population growth.
  • 2009 September 7   Visolvia in cooperation with NobleMedia.TV:   Visolvia will deliver technology for e.g. optimization of media content for the new TV network about to launch in the Middle East.
  • 2009 September 7   Visolvia in cooperation with Treetop Capital:   Visolvia today announced its cooperation with Treetop Capital AB, a supplier of quantitative asset management tools and services.

Financial Services

Visolvia provides professional B2B type financial services

  • Trading signals for e.g. prop trading.
  • Single or multi-asset as well as short or long positions.
  • Most markets and assets e.g. equity, FX, commodities.
  • Asset management for e.g. managed accounts, funds and structured products.
  • Expert consulting related to innovation, AI and algorithmic R&D.

The Visolvia TradeRunner system

  • Implements Artificial Intelligence (AI) using totally unique technologies related to Neuroeconomics.
  • Automatically generates and constantly updates trading models/signals.
  • Optimizes for the desired risk level, turn-over rate, max DD etc.


The Visolvia services can be used for proprietary trading or for asset management products such as Structured products,
Managed Accounts, Total Return Swaps and Funds. Positions can be long only or long-short in single markets or multi-
asset. Supported asset classes include e.g. equity, raw materials, commodities, Forex and real-estate.

Trading Signals

Visolvia provides financial institutions with trading analysis services that are based automated reports, so called trading
signals. The signals are delivered electronically by the automated system Visolvia TradeRunner. The signals specify
which financial instruments to sell or buy and size of positions in order to reach e.g. the targeted risk level.

Packaged financial products

Via partners Visolvia can supply its services in the form of readily packaged financial products such as e.g. Structured
products, Managed Accounts, Total Return Swaps and Funds.

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