• 2009 September 21   Brian Bacon supports the Noble efforts: The Chairman and Founder of the Oxford Leadership Academy speaks to us of the changes we are experiencing in our time including oil supply and population growth.
  • 2009 September 7   Visolvia in cooperation with NobleMedia.TV:   Visolvia will deliver technology for e.g. optimization of media content for the new TV network about to launch in the Middle East.
  • 2009 September 7   Visolvia in cooperation with Treetop Capital:   Visolvia today announced its cooperation with Treetop Capital AB, a supplier of quantitative asset management tools and services.

Customer Benefits & USPs


  • Possible to launch products within new areas.
  • Quick to market with new concepts.
  • Low investment.


  • Highly specialized products according to your requirements.
  • Customization per client, even per end-client...
  • ...e.g. for truly individually managed accounts.

Cost effectiveness

  • Visolvia’s business model is to a great extent based on performance fees.
  • Outsourcing R&D to Visolvia is cost effective.


  • Visolvia’s technology and offering is truly unique.
  • Your application of the Visolvia technology will be unique.


  • Visolvia prioritizes long term win-win based on the above.

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