• 2009 September 21   Brian Bacon supports the Noble efforts: The Chairman and Founder of the Oxford Leadership Academy speaks to us of the changes we are experiencing in our time including oil supply and population growth.
  • 2009 September 7   Visolvia in cooperation with NobleMedia.TV:   Visolvia will deliver technology for e.g. optimization of media content for the new TV network about to launch in the Middle East.
  • 2009 September 7   Visolvia in cooperation with Treetop Capital:   Visolvia today announced its cooperation with Treetop Capital AB, a supplier of quantitative asset management tools and services.

Technical Advantages

Genuine Performance back-testing

Historic simulations as well as real track records suffer from the fact that there is simply no way to know what the future performance will be. In addition simulations often tend to be much more optimistic compared to the live performance.

At Visolvia we still believe that our historic simulations over 10+ years can serve as a valuable indicator of the future potential. It is because at Visolvia we have taken every possible measure to ensure that our back-testing results are as relevant and reliable as possible, that it shows what we like to refer to as Genuine Performance.


Visolvia can deliver its genuine performance back testing as well as real time trading results in the form of standatd fund reports or as data files, see e.g. the live demo signals.

Please contact Visolvia to request information for the type of market and application you are interested in.

Other technical features

  • Turnover rates ranging from days up to about a year.
  • Frequency depending on preferences and what the asset management is to be optimized for.
  • The AI technology is self learning and adaptive to changes in the market conditions.

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